"Dilution BOD"

according to EN 1899-1/EN 1899-2; official EPA method
- with inoLab® BSB/BOD 740 see p. 64
with easy-to-use analysis program, with PC control.

- with ProfiLine Oxi 197i see p. 65
Recommended electrode: self-stirring oxygen sensor StirrOx® G

"BOD self-check measurement"

worldwide approved method according to the self-check regulations
- OxiTop® see p. 68
Simple routine measurement, mercury-free pressure measurement

- OxiTop® Control see p. 69
Routine, standard and special measurement, with automatic sample management

OxiTop® Control OC 110 for special measurements see p. 70/74
- Respiration
- Biogas determination
- Soil respiration
- Biodegradability
"Dilution BOD"
With inoLab® BSB/BOD 740

flexible and powerful
This laboratory oxygen meter has been specially developed for BODn measurements.
BOD measurements are determined by regulation EN 1899-1 and is EPA approved.
You can store up to 7 of your own routines for frequently occurring dilution ratios. A
maximum of 30 measuring samples each with 18 dilutions allow the management
of up to 540 diluted samples. The inoLab® BSB/BOD 740 can also be used as a
conventional high-end oxygen meter (For technical data such as inoLab® Oxi 740
refer to page 33).
With ProfiLine Oxi 197i

Laboratory oxygen meter ProfiLine Oxi 197i with self-stirring
oxygen sensor StirrOx® G.
Technical Data see page 34

  • EPA approved method
  • Accurate
  • Battery and line power operation
  • With OxiTop® and OxiTop® Control

    Mercury-free measurement
    Biochemical oxygen demand BOD determination is still one of the most important parameters in water resource management. It can be used to evaluate the impact of biodegradable substances in waters and waster water. With its OxiTop® systems, WTW offers a unique, modular and mercury-free instrument system. It is not only suitable for BOD determination, but also for measuring biodegradability and depletion.

    The advantages of OxiTop® and OxiTop® Control: simple operation, improved
    controllability and non-toxicity, and measuring ranges of up to 400 000 mg/l BOD
    (with OxiTop® Control OC 110). As the measured pressure is automatically converted
    the values can be directly read as mg/l BOD.

    OxiTop® Complete Sets
    for 6 or 12 Measuring Vessels
    The complete packages have been assembled so that they contain everything necessary to carry out the measurements. The make up of each package depends on the application and varies by number of vessels, controllers and utensils for sample preparation. Special stirring platforms were developed in order to maintain a constant temperature and guarantee optimum oxygen distribution in the sample. These stirrer platforms have space for either 6 or 12 standard bottles or 6 large vessels for special applications.
    BOD self-check measurement
    OxiTop® IS 6, IS 12
    Complete packages for 6 or 12 simultaneous measurements
    Measurement using OxiTop® is based on pressure measurement in a closed system: microorganisms in the sample consume the oxygen and form CO2. This is absorbed by NaOH, creating a vacuum which can be read directly as a measured value in mg/l BOD.
    BOD self-check measurement - for a larger number of samples
    OxiTop® Control 6, OxiTop® Control 12
    Simultaneous measurement
    of up to 100 samples
    Statistical evaluation
    Automatic sample ID
    Worldwide approved method
    The Controller OC 100 and OC 110
    common features
    . Simultaneous sample management with option of grouping up to 100 OxiTop®-C measuring heads.
    . Data call-up of one parallel sample with statistical evaluation and as individual data.
    . Automatic calculation and graphical display of BOD value.
    . Data transfer even through glass doors.
    . Protocol and documentation of data via Achat OC communication program in combination with a PC
    . GLP and AQS with inspection intervals for calibration with
    the OxiTop® PM calibration tablets
    OxiTop®-C Measuring Head
    . Instead of the display and keys, the OxiTop®-C measuring
    head has an infrared interface with which it communicates
    with Controller OC 100 or OC 110. By "pointing" the
    controller at an OxiTop®-C measuring head it can be
    identified and started, data can be called up or deleted
    and sampling progress can be displayed...
    General Accessories
    Additional Accessories

    . Storage racks

    For safe storage of OxiTop® measuring systems and OxiTop®-C measuring heads, for 6 measuring heads each.

    . Marking rings

    For identification of BOD bottles for OxiTop® instruments.

    with OxiTop® Control OC 110
    The investigation and monitoring of biological cleaning treatment processes are becoming more and more important with respect to the environmental requirements such as wastewater treatment, soil remediation and waste treatment.
    Determination of soil respiration
    OxiTop® Control B6 / BM6
    Soil respiration measurements are used for forecasting, surveying
    and checking remediation work, for biodegradability measurements
    of substances (pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, etc.) as
    well as for carrying out toxicity tests.
    Determination of biodegradability
    OxiTop® Control A6 / A12 and S6 / S12

    The determination of the biodegradability should be checked before "new" chemicals
    are used for the first time, not only for environmental reasons but also to minimize
    disposal charges.
    The sample and a blank are stirred at a constant temperature for 28 days in closed

    The CO2 produced is removed from the gas space by means of an absorber so that
    the resulting negative pressure is a measure of the biodegradability.

    Biogas determination
    OxiTop® Control AN6 / AN12
    Anaerobic degradation processes take place in the absence of oxygen. In order to be able to fill the gas space above the sample with inert gas the measuring bottle has a septum sealed nozzle. When anaerobic degradation has taken place the dissolved CO2 can be driven off and then removed from the gas space by means of a CO2 absorber. The resulting pressure difference is proportional to the CO2 concentration, the remaining overpressure is proportional to the methane concentration. The degradation process can be comfortably followed in the "pressure" operating mode.
    OxiTop® Box
    Thermostat box with forced air circulation
    for 68 °F (tolerance 67.1 - 68.9 °F / 20 ±0.5 °C)

    OxiTop® Box is a benchtop model with hinged clear-view
    cover which can accommodate a maximum of either 12
    OxiTop® simultaneous measurements or 20 Karlsruhe bottles.
    Thermostat Cabinets
  • Versatile
  • Powerful
  • Inexpensive
  • To incubate samples at a constant, desired temperature during the reaction period, a thermostat cabinet is necessary. WTW offers thermostat cabinets in various sizes with a variably adjustable temperature range of 50 °F - 104 °F (10 °C - 40 °C) and a power supply of 230 V/50 Hz. Temperature accuracy lies at ±1 °C deviation from the set temperature.

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